Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Subwoofer

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Subwoofer, 12", 500W (Each)

Compact, front-firing 12" Subwoofer with C-CAM driver and a 500 watt Class D amplifier. Combines the best of Monitor Audio technology in a stylish, compact, cabinet finished with aluminium side trims.

In order to extend the performance of their lifestyle speaker systems, Monitor Audio has created a wholly new sub-bass engine for the AW-12, designed to contribute a seismic blend of deep bass frequencies and high output with low distortion. Every component has been developed specifically for the AW-12, including the massively engineered front-firing 12" C-CAM driver and 500 watt Class D amplifier. The amplifier and its complementary high efficiency switch mode power supply are able to deliver full power with a continuous rating, equal to most other subwoofers rated at 1000 watts. This means that even in the largest rooms, the AW-12 is able to perform cleanly, dynamically and with profound effect.

Its compact sealed cabinet will be easy to position, and the top-mounted control of volume and EQ are designed for easy setup and adjustment. The 12V trigger input allows for auto-activation when using a compatible A/V receiver or processor.

The AW-12's new adjustable foot design has the floor spike permanently fitted with a removable heavy duty rubber cover for solid or hard wood flooring. Balancing beautifully the virtues of convenience and design, refinement and power, the AW-12 offers a devastating introduction to the benefits of superior subwoofer engineering.

"You certainly can't buy a better made, better finished or (to our eyes, at least) better looking package at the price." - What Hi-Fi? (February 2011). Read full review here.

"It offers the sort of powerful, insightful audiophile sound that you don't automatically associate with satellite speakers, a result of the astonishing build quality and clever technology that lies within each unit." - Trusted Reviews (August 2010). Read full review here.

  • Amplifier Output: 500 Watts (RMS) 1000 Watts (Peak)
  • Low Frequency Limit 27Hz (EQ1) 21Hz (EQ2)
  • Upper Frequency Limit 40 - 120Hz Variable
  • Variable Low Pass Filter Alignment Active 4th order 24dB/octave (two-stage filter)
  • Cabinet Specification: Sealed Cabinet with 25mm M.D.F construction and internal bracing.
  • Amplifier Classification: Class-D amplifier
  • Driver Compliment: 1 x 12" C-CAM® sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3" long throw voice coil.
  • Dimensions: (H x W x D) 340 x 340 x 410 mm 
  • Weight: (unpacked) 22.56Kg
  • Mains Input Voltage: 100 - 120 Vac, 220 - 240 Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Input Impedance 20K ohms