Monitor Audio Gold 5G 300 Floorstanding Speaker

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Monitor Audio’s decades of experience in producing groundbreaking, class-leading loudspeakers has resulted in this, the latest Gold Series. Uncompromised in concept, construction and sound, the new Gold Series has been designed to deliver performance to savour for a lifetime.


Monitor Audio loudspeakers are admired and acclaimed for their peerless combination of aesthetic beauty, flawless construction and exquisite sound. Each of the six models in the new Gold Series has been painstakingly designed and meticulously constructed by a team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen – every audiophile will be transfixed by the results of our desire and passion to produce the best loudspeakers money can buy.

If the best possible sound from a beautiful loudspeaker is your desire, our pedigree is incomparable. The new Gold Series is here.


Monitor Audio has taken technology from its acclaimed flagship range of Platinum II Series loudspeakers and adapted it to make the new Gold Series an immediate class-leader. The high-achieving Platinum II driver has been painstakingly developed and honed to make truly high-end audiophile levels of performance more affordable than ever before.

This remarkable level of audio fidelity is matched by the craftsmanship and engineering excellence of each Gold Series cabinet. From the clean good looks of the front baffle (Monitor Audio’s renowned single-bolt construction technology is to thank for this smooth appearance) to the delightfully tactile gold-plated speaker terminals at the back, every Gold Series speaker looks and feels as exquisite as it sounds.

Monitor Audio has brought just as much expertise to bear inside the cabinet as we have to the outside. A solute rigidity, judicious damping and rigorous attention to the details of cabinet bracing means each speaker’s cabinet disappears leaving just the intended radiated sound from the transducers. The Gold Series resists standing sound waves and unwanted resonances like never before.

This combination of world-class engineering and groundbreaking technology has resulted in a six-strong range of loudspeakers superlative in their versatility and performance.

To see, feel and hear Gold Series is to understand our passion, and to enjoy an undiluted audiophile experience.

GOLD 300

The Gold 300 has been engineered to deliver a true audiophile experience. Premium driver technology taken from Monitor Audio's flagship Platinum II speakers has been melded with class-leading cabinet construction to produce a speaker designed to last a lifetime.

Gold 300 is the pinnacle of the range. Its deceptively large cabinet houses a 2½" (64 mm) C-CAM midrange driver with an MPD high-frequency transducer above and a pair of 8" (203 mm) RDT II bass drivers below, in a true three-way arrangement.

Also featuring a pair of rear-facing HiVe II ports delivering smooth airflow and ample bass reinforcement, Gold 300 is the ideal speaker for larger rooms. Its punch and dynamism are matched only by its subtlety and fidelity – Gold 300’s effortless authority, from a crisp 50 kHz at the top end to an earth-moving 30 Hz at the bottom, makes it perfect for any and all listening requirements.

"Tracks from the Tidal MQA Master version of Court and Spark offered crystalline clarity, though stopping short of getting too metallic or bright. (Sometimes elevated treble can give the impression of greater detail.) Cymbals taps were brassy yet clean. The wah-wah pedal effects burst forth like a kind of laughter on “Raised on Robbery”—fun, funky, and livelier than ever. Details seemed heightened but not exaggerated. Vocals were natural in timbre: The inimitable Joni sounded like Joni."

"For some very different piano fare, I spun the Deutsche Grammophon LP of the Labèque sisters playing Bryce Dessner’s new Concerto for Two Pianos with the Orchestre de Paris, recorded at the Philharmonie de Paris. Right at the start, the initial strikes of percussion (flat wooden sticks) and piano attacks hit hard—and were appropriately startling. (Incidentally I recently saw the Labèque sisters perform the work’s U.S. premiere with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra at Music Hall and jumped at those first notes.) Throughout, the razor-sharp focus on transients followed by long, satisfying sustains and decays enhanced the excitement of Katia and Marielle Labèque’s virtuosity."

"Changing gears radically I played Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” from When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? via the MBL N31 CD player/DAC. Call it a guilty pleasure. The drop goes kinda low. And then “Xanny” after. Talk about some phat bass with impact! The Gold 300s, which are spec’d to dip down to 30 cycles, held their own." - The Absolute Sound (2020). Full review here.


• MPD high-frequency transducer – articulate, extended high frequencies, yet supremely smooth

• Dual 8" bespoke bass drivers, featuring:

• RDT II Cone technology – specially developed sandwich cone technology using thin C-CAM, Nomex honeycomb core and woven carbon fibre back skin to return incredible stiffness, yet light and well-damped

• Dual HiVe II ports – improved transient response and tighter bass, due to smoother air-flow

• Pureflow silver-plated OFC copper internal cabling – highest quality transfer through the signal chain

• Soft-touch top trim – giving a luxurious, premium quality furniture grade touch and appearance

• Single-bolt-through driver technology – providing increased bracing strength, rigidity and driver/baffle de-coupling

• Bespoke magnetic grilles – clean visual styling, virtually acoustically transparent

• Sturdy cast metal out-rigger feet with spike or rubber foot for carpet or hard flooring – provides more attractive appearance and takes up less floor space

Frequency Response: - 6dB: 30Hz - 50kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1m): 90 dB

Maximum SPL: 117 dBA (Pair)

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms

Power Handling (RMS): 250 W

Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 100 - 250 W

Cabinet Design: Bass reflex. Dual HiVe®II port technology

Crossover Frequency: L.F/M.F 650 Hz, M.F/H.F 3.0kHz

Drive Unit Complement: 2 x 8 " RDT II long-throw bass driver, 1 x 2 ½" C-CAM midrange driver, 1 x MPD high-frequency transducer

External Dimensions: 1047 x 328 x 420 (H x W x D mm)

Weight (Individual): 30.60 Kg

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It’s a consummate crowd pleaser that, arguably more than any rival at the price, sells an idea of high-end luxury and sonic excellence that’s hard to distinguish from the real thing. - Hifi 

These Gold 300s really grew on me over time, thanks to their powerful presence and substantial sound output. There’s a really pleasing solidity here—courtesy of the cabinet construction and other technologies—that won me over across more and more source material. more...