Nordost Blue Heaven Power Cable

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The Blue Heaven is a great cable for any application in your system. use it to feed your components straight from the wall or between them and a Nordost QRT Power Distribution board.
From our listening tests, we have found between 2 and 4 metres to be the optimal lengths for sound quality.  2 metres serves most applications but if longer runs are required please contact to discuss.
Comes terminated with AU/NZ wall plug.

Part of the affordable Leif range the performance of the Nordost Blue heaven cable is anything but plain. A power cable that is an excellent replacement for the generic power cables that come supplied with all equipment and as a replacement to some other brands of more expensive products. Features a nice open, lively and dynamic sound. Use if everywhere you can, unless you're using the even higher performing Nordost power cables.

When you listen to your system, you are actually listening to the AC mains supply. This makes the most important cables in your system the ones feeding power into the equipment. They are responsible for the raw material that gets turned into the sound. Nordost employs FEP insulation and its high-speed, low-loss Micro Mono-Filament construction to deliver the best possible power source for your system.

The Blue Heaven Power Cord seems like a conventional, three-core AC cord, but don't be fooled. The use of Nordost's proven, proprietary high-speed, low-loss Micro Mono-Filament construction and FEP insulation throughout transforms its performance and the performance of your system. When it comes to your equipment's power supply, you need quality as well as quantity, and the Blue Heaven Power Cord delivers both, making it the crucial foundation on which to build your system's performance. It is available in a full range of AC plug options.


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: Mechanically tuned lay, Micro Mono-Filament design
Conductors: 3 x 16 AWG
Material: 65 strand 99.9999% OFC
DC Resistance: 4.4 Ohms per 1000ft
Velocity of Propagation: 81%