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3.5 way Floorstanding Speakers

Don’t let the familiar face fool you: Aida maintains the typical lute shape and the typical design elements that made it so recognisable, have been completely overhauled, embracing the most advanced electroacoustic developments of the latest years.

The most radical among the new changes is the selection of all-new driver systems, all of them rigorously “made in Italy” and featuring a Neodymium motor system.The precious knowledge gained through the design, development and manufacturing of the limited edition 'The Sonus Faber' speaker has resulted in the new and exciting Aida.


All the technological and stylistic experience of Sonus faber is condensed in Aida, the  pinnacle of the Sonus faber catalogue. Aida will be able to immerse the listener in a new dimension where the emotion of music has never been so realistic. Aida can reveal how Sonus faber improved, always keeping its original intuition, the synthesis of tradition with technological innovation.

Design and craftsmanship have key roles in Aida. The fluid lines of Aida, tense and harmonic form the 'lyre' shape, ten leaves of overlaid curved Okume dress the cabinet, together with vertical motif leather. Two external wings tighten in an embrace surrounding the central structure of Aida, closed at the base by the 'Bow Spring' crossbow in anodised Avional aluminium, milled from whole pieces and the top sees the use of a mirror in tempered glass, which highlights the timeless beauty of Aida, "proudly hand-crafted in Italy".

“3 and 2/3” way, “Sound field Shaper technology”, “Zero Vibration Transmission” technology, para-aperiodic vented box “Stealth Ultraflex” system and staggered low frequency floor standing loudspeaker system. 

A Sonus faber designed 28 mm moving coil driver, with Sonus faber’s vibration optimized mechanical interface. The ultra-dynamic linearity is given by the Neodymium motor system. Implemented with a natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, a mechanical anti-resonator designed for this application.

A Sonus faber designed 180 mm Neodymium magnet system for ultra-dynamic midrange. The dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporates triple Kellog/Goeller rings. To further inhibit any residual cone coloration, a transparent viscous surface damping coating is used. The basket is thoroughly optimized to eliminate any resonance, fully CNC machined from solid billets of Avional and Gunmetal. The combination of the two different metals allows eliminating any mutual resonance. A special coaxial anti-compressor is used, designed to remove cavity resonances and distortions.

Sonus faber W22XTR-12. A pair of Sonus faber designed 220 mm Neodymium magnet system woofers, lightweight “sandwich” cone structure (high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface skins of cellulose pulp) woofers. Each of them is integrated in its own acoustically amorphous “stealth reflex” chamber. Designed to blend perfectly with the special midrange and, at the same time, to have absolute definition in their range: the sandwich structure with outer paper pulp skins has the same sonic character of the midrange cone. A powerful long stroke motor system with a 2” controlled “eddy current” voice coil is implemented for high speed, performance and linearity.

A Sonus faber designed 320 mm Neodymium magnet system with high-tech syntactic foam core and two external surface 
skins in Nano Carbon Fiber for maximum rigidity and light weight. An impressive 4” voice-coil to bring the tightest available lows and perfectly match low-end performance to different listening rooms.

The patented “Sound field Shaper” technology, allows the control of the direct/reverberant radiation ratio of the Aida. The sound field shaping module can be SPL optimized.

Non-resonant crossover, for optimal space/time performance and 'Paracross topology' for maximum transparency. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear and friendly amplifier performance. 

  • Frequency Response: 18Hz – 35kHz, Stealth reflex included
  • Cross-over frequencies: 55Hz - 150 Hz - 200Hz - 3000.
  • Sensitivity: 92db SPL (2.83V/1 m)
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Power Handling: 100W – 1KW, without clipping
  • Speaker Dimensions (HWD): 68 x 19 x 30.75 in. (1725 x 482 x 780 mm)
  • Speaker Weight: 728 lbs. (330 Kg) per pair, net weight,1,213 lbs. (550 Kg) per pair - shipping weight.
  • Finish: Red Violin or Walnut.

Sonus-faber-Aida-floorstanding-speakersWith the new updated Aida speakers, Sonus faber has taken everything it's learned about audio design over the last few years and put it to the test, creating a truly premium listening experience with a beautiful external aesthetic. In other words, these things sound just as elegant as they look. Or is it, they look just as elegant as they sound? Either way, the results are genuinely impressive. more...

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.