Sonus faber Minima Amator II Bookshelf Speakers

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Some products are not meant to be tied to a singular historical moment. A fundamental product breaks through the barrier of time: Minima Amator II is the restatement of the 1992 speaker that today surprises, once again.

Sonus faber Minima Amator II Bookshelf Speakers


The vintage design merged together with the brand-new electroacoustic project aim to a sound reproduction as natural as possible. Solid walnut wood, leather applied by hand and discreet brass inserts identify this new creation, handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans. Minima Amator II and Electa Amator III together give life to the Sonus faber Heritage Collection.

Sonus faber Minima Amator II Bookshelf Speakers

Minima Amator II features the most recent patents and technological solutions by Sonus faber. The high-frequency reproduction is given by the 28 mm silk dome tweeter DAD - Damped Apex Dome. The Paracross Topology crossover design guarantees the best dynamic range and highly defined musical detail. The 150 mm mid-woofer, featured with the cellulose pulp and natural fibres cone, has been designed in Arcugnano and ensures a precise and detailed sound reproduction.

Sonus faber Minima Amator II Bookshelf Speakers

System: 2-way bookshelf vented loudspeaker system

Cabinet: High rigidity spread resonance spectrum system obtained through 20 sheets of Solid walnut (each 25mm thick). Leather-covered baffle and back panel

Tweeter: H28 XTR2-04 Sonus faber design silk dome 28 mm (1.1 in) “Arrow Point” DAD(™) tweeter

Midwoofer: MW15 XT 04, Sonus faber design custom diaphragm made with cellulose pulp and other natural fibres, 150 mm (6 in)

Crossover: Anti-resonant design, optimized amplitude and phase responses for optimal space/time performance. Paracross topology(™). Crossover point: 2.500 Hz @-6dB

Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 35.000 Hz

Sensitivity: 87 dB SPL Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Suggested amplifier power output: 35-150W, without clipping

Long-Term Max Input Voltage (IEC 268-5): 20 Vrms

Dimensions (H x W x D): 325 x 200 x 274.5 mm

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