Sonus faber Lumina I Bookshelf Speakers

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The Lumina I is an extremely compact bookshelf speaker, that looks great as an individual stereo pair or as surround speaker in a cinema set up.

The Lumina I is the most compact high-end passive loudspeakers in its category: this feature makes it extremely easy to place turning it into the perfect choice for smaller spaces. Despite its dimension, Lumina I is able to deliver tons of musical engagement.

The Lumina range from Sonus faber embodies luxury, minimalist design and natural sound, as well as components and technologies inherited from higher end models. Surfaces of the cabinet are wrapped in iconic black leather, while the chrome rings around the drivers highlight shapes and proportions and give brightness to the front baffle, defining the voice of Sonus faber.


The cabinet of the collection is perfectly squared- the Sonus faber design department executed this minimalistic design in order to emphasise the quality of materials used. A careful study of proportions was carried out to guarantee accurate volumes for sound performances and compact dimension for set-up.

Multichannel systems and multimedia solutions are perfect for Lumina, offering excellent room coverage for audiences to enjoy a captivating and authentic experience from every seat in the room. Due to updated technology, Lumina speakers are incredibly adaptable and sound excellent wherever they are placed—even close to a back wall or on a bookshelf. The beauty of the new Lumina collection is that they can be placed virtually anywhere and will still deliver a breathtaking performance.


The Lumina collection features three models: Lumina I, an extremely compact bookshelf speaker, that looks great as an individual stereo pair or as surround speaker in a cinema set up; Lumina III is an elegant floor-standing model that ensures powerful, distortion-free sound and high speech intelligibility for games and movies; Lumina Center I is a center channel speaker option aligned in appearance and acoustics that fit perfectly with its siblings in the full collection. This essential combination of models is a perfectly balanced solution for traditional stereo system enthusiasts as much as for those looking to experience a multichannel home theatre system.



Loudspeaker System: 2-way shelf loudspeaker system. Vented box design.

Tweeter: 29mm high definition DADTM driver. Visco-elastically baffle decoupling. Sonus faber design.

Midwoofer: 120mm cone driver. Ultra-free compression basket, Sonus faber design. Special custom diaphragm made with a blend of traditional cellulose pulp and other natural fibers, developed according to the most natural sound. Ultra-dynamic performance and high linearity.

Crossover: Anti-resonant design, optimised amplitude/phase response for optimal space/time performance. “Paracross topology”. Impedance compensation at low frequencies for a clear and friendly amplifier performance. Highest quality is used in terms of the components: Jantzen inductors and a new generation of Sonus faber capacitor designed in partnership with Clarity Cap.

Crossover Frequency: 2000Hz

Frequency Response: 65 - 24,000 Hz

Sensitivity: 84dB SPL (2.83V/1m)

Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm

Suggested amplifier power output: 30 - 100W without clipping

Long-Term Max Input Voltage (IEC 268-5): 15.5V RMS

Dimensiones (HxWxD): 280 x 148 x 213 mm

Net Weight (each): 4.4kg

Sonus faber Lumina I speaker review

 Truly they are small, the new Lumina 1. But you do not notice much when you play music. They have qualities that transcend the physical dimensions, and that are able to engage the listener to a degree that you hardly think is possible when you see the speakers. more...

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Despite being their entry level speaker and the most compact one they build, the Lumina I’s family heritage is evident. This is an accomplished speaker with an addictive mid-range presentation that keeps you coming back for more. Bass response is cannily tuned, providing a solid and warm foundation for music and for voice. The Lumina I speakers don’t hide detail, nor do they force it onto the listener. Voiced to stay slightly on the forgiving side of neutrality, they’re well-balanced; the speaker beguiles rather than insists. If music is your sanctuary, the space where you recalibrate and renew, the Lumina I speakers will provide it. more...

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