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Make way for the Big Boss.

A true reference 3 way speaker when only the utmost accuracy will do. Want to hear music with a realism only matched by a live event? Then you need to experience the R1TX.
Note: These speakers require the very best electronics available, your old dusty  receiver buried in the back of the garage will not suffice.

Since its inception, the TAD Reference One has quickly become the established reference point for speaker systems in the new era of high definition audio. This ultra high end speaker system is based on highly advanced technology developed by TAD (Technical Audio Devices), creators of studio monitors favoured by leading sound studios around the world. It employs carefully selected materials and parts, and benefits from scrupulous, even relentless, attention to detail, backed by our design theory and testing ability. The result is a sound field of flawless purity that achieves unprecedented professional audio artistry. The TAD Reference One realizes richly resonant sound of which has never been heard before.



The CST (Coherent Source Transducer) enables us to achieve our goal for the TAD Reference One: "reproduction with controlled directivity over a wide frequency range from a single point with uniform phase". The design of the midrange cone is based on detailed calculations that result in the unique shape that produces superior acoustic characteristics and precise control of the directivity of the concentric mounted tweeter.
This configuration unifies the acoustic center of the tweeter and midrange and reconciles the phase and directional characteristics through the crossover range. The CST Driver is thus a large step forward for coaxial speakers, enabling ultra wide range reproduction of 250Hz to 100kHz, accompanied by a directivity pattern which neatly dampens without disruption across all bands. The result is extremely clear and stable imaging, a wide frequency response and incredibly rich and natural sounding reproduction. CST technology allows unprecedented wide-range reproduction and directivity control.


The tweeter dome and midrange cone are made of beryllium, the lightest and most rigid of metals. The diaphragm is produced using a vapor deposition technique developed by TAD and refined over several decades. Providing strength and uniformity combined with high internal loss, the result is smooth, superior performance.


In order to match the high speed response and power linearity of the beryllium diaphragm CST Driver, we sought to improve the low-bass reproduction linearity of the bass driver. In order to correctly reproduce signal waveforms, especially at high excursions, we developed the short voice coil OFGMS (Optimized Field Geometry Magnet Structure) magnetic circuit.


The suspension components in the TAD Reference One bass driver are a combination of optimum shapes and materials calculated using the most advanced computer simulation techniques. The bass driver is equipped with high performance dual spiders that ensure consistent, stable operation with low distortion even during continuous high amplitude input. The surround, which can also significantly impact sound quality, is constructed using the corrugated type similar to those used in our professional TAD Drivers. Just as with the spider, this type of surround supports the cone during large excursions allowing accurate and stable motion. As the result, the linearity of the suspension, supporting the diaphragm assembly, has been significantly improved. This is the foundation of the TAD Reference One sound: extremely deep, clear bass that reveals the full sense of scale and impact of the music.


The TAD Reference One bass driver is driven by an oversized, 100mm diameter voice coil and large neodymium magnet. To handle the force generated by this motor, the diaphragm must be very strong and stiff. We were able to achieve ideal physical properties including structural body strength, by using a TLCC (Tri-Laminate Composite Cone) diaphragm that has a unique triple laminated construction: a core of foamed acrylamide sandwiched front and rear by direction-oriented aramid fibers. To eliminate drive loss for more efficient power handling, the dust cap uses the same material. Furthermore, by joining the cone, dust cap and voice coil at a single point, the voice coil drive is transmitted directly to the cone. The result is not only fast response and clear bass, but low coloration sound extending through to the midrange.


The TAD Reference One features our new SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) cabinet: the ultimate in elegant curves and immense stability.  The structure consists of a strong framework with a skeleton having a 21mm (0.9 in.) thick birch plywood transverse bulkhead. It is clad with a hybrid of materials that combine 50mm (2 in.) thick side panels made by high frequency hot press forming glued to CNC machined plywood panels with a maximum thickness of 137mm (5.7 in.). Use of the teardrop form, a design incorporating the concept of hydrodynamics in acoustic engineering, minimizes sound diffraction anomalies. Finally, by applying ABD technology, a technique whereby the dual bass drivers are located so as to eliminate the formation of higher frequency standing waves inside the enclosure that negatively impact sound quality, we achieved a revolutionary enclosure.

To ensure exceptional stability.
By inclining the Reference One enclosure backwards by four degrees, driver time alignment is improved. In addition, the location of the force produced by the powerful bass drivers is placed directly over the center of gravity of the enclosure. This, together with the ultra heavy 150kg weight of the system and laminated hybrid base plate of aircraft-grade aluminum and birch plywood, achieves impressively powerful bass reproduction and detailed expressive capability. Finally, two types of spikes, one cone-shaped and the other dome-shaped, provide three-point support, ensuring excellent stability and vibration control, regardless of where the speakers are positioned.

The bass reflex port, utilizes the design concept of the compression driver and horn seen in the TAD systems used by professionals. It features an aerodynamic port system based on the theory of precise fluid design. Its performance is such that that it produces absolutely no air noise, even when the woofer unit is driven at the limit of its excursion range. Superb control of air flow and pressure inside the port greatly contributes to the realization of deep bass reproduction with unprecedented clarity.

Vivid colours further enhance the craftwork of the structural beauty.
The outer surface of the enclosure features natural Pommele Sapele wood, which imparts an artistic air of elegance with its unique wavy pattern similar to that used in the construction of high-end cabinetry and top-grade musical instruments. In the finishing process, skilled artisans meticulously perform dozens of finishing steps for each enclosure. The enclosure comes in two colors – Emerald Black and Beryl Red – which derives from beryl, a rare ore that is the raw material used for the beryllium diaphragm. It adds a sparkling accent to the user's audio collection and interior décor with its beautiful texture unique to natural wood and deep gloss with color tones that exude elegance.

"Tendo Mokko" is a leading luxury furniture manufacturer in Japan, established in Tendo, Yamagata in 1940. Tendo Mokko has been creating numerous highly acclaimed furniture, including works with globally renowned designers and architects such as Sori Yanagi and Kenzo Tange, respectively. TAD celebrates its first collaboration with Tendo Mokko. In the "SILENT Enclosure", their skillful techniques of artisan craftsmanship are incorporated, elevating the supreme functional beauty to yet another level.
Carefully selected acoustic parts, each a result of traditional artisanship, come to life.


• Isolated bass, midrange and treble crossover networks eliminate electrical and magnetic interactions.
• Rear panel with the network installed is made of 27mm (1 in.) thick aluminum to act as a heat sink.
• Custom-made parts include air-core coils, non-inductive resistors and PP film capacitors.
• Large custom machined speaker terminals have thick gold plating to ensure reliable connections.
• All wiring is carefully routed away from magnetic parts to prevent degradation of sound quality due to magnetic distortion.
• The speaker system and all drive units also are subject to strict quality control based on serial numbers.

• Three-way bas-reflex floor-standing loudspeaker

Drive Units
• LF: 25cm (10 in.) x 2
• Midrange/Tweeter: concentric
• 16 cm (6 1/2 in.) MF / 3.5 cm (1 3/8 in.) HF

Performance Data
• Frequency response: 21 Hz to 100 kHz
• Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz and 2 kHz
• Unit polarity: LF (+), MF (+), HF (+)
• Maximum input power: 300 W
• Sensitivity: 90 dB (2.83 V @ 1 m)
• Rated impedance: 4 Ω

Physical Data
• Weight: 150 kg (330 lb)
• Dimensions: 554 mm (21 3/4") (W) × 1,293 mm (50 7/8") (H) × 698 mm (27") (D)

Due to the bespoke nature of our high-end music systems this product is not available to be purchased online. Please contact us for personalized service from one of our team of experts.