Technics Lifestyle Streaming Package

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Often we find that our clients will consider purchasing hifi components seperately, based on reviews while being unaware of how they will sound together. Unless you're blessed with working in a hi-fi store, it's often hard to know what combinations will work well together. We've put together this great Technics/Monitor Audio system that is ideal for streaming your music and will look great doing it.

Technics SU-GX70EB Integrated Streaming amplifier

The Technics SU-GX70EB Integrated Streaming Amplifier isn't your average amp. It's a conductor for the modern audiophile, seamlessly blending classic hi-fi performance with the convenience of modern streaming technology. This feature-packed powerhouse breathes life into your music, offering exceptional sound quality, versatile connectivity, and a gateway to a world of digital audio exploration.

Connect to a vast array of audio sources with ease. The SU-GX70EB boasts a variety of analog inputs, including a dedicated MM phono input for vinyl enthusiasts. Digital connectivity includes optical and coaxial inputs, perfect for connecting your TV or digital music players. But that's not all! This versatile amp also features an HDMI ARC port, allowing seamless integration with your TV for high-quality audio playback.

You can also stream high-resolution music wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, or PC with Bluetooth® and AirPlay 2 compatibility. Explore a world of internet radio stations or connect to music streaming services like Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in. The SU-GX70EB puts a universe of audio possibilities at your fingertips.

Monitor Audio Silver 100 speakers

Imagine a bookshelf speaker that gives you richer sound and deeper bass than your old floorstander. That’s what the Monitor Audio Silver 100 is capable of. On the outside, a choice of real-wood veneers lets you achieve the perfect look. Inside, a plethora of technologies come together, including metal coned drivers with Rigid Surface Technology, a new tweeter design and a new crossover system that intelligently combines the tweeter and bass driver. If all that just sounds like noise to you, don’t worry. You’ll hear the difference the moment you press play.

We also include a 3m pair of speaker cables to get you up and running. This is a great sounding system built with quality components that will also look great in your home.