WBT WBT-0661 Cu Sandwich Spade Connector


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The WBT-0661 Cu is a high current spade connector made of fine Silver. Providing constant contact pressure along with vibration damping and fracture resistance. 

Note: Price is for a single connector

nextgen™ - The next generation of WBT connectors

The well-tried WBT Sandwich Spades have undergone their very special 'nextgen' update. The signal conductors (of the Ag versions) have always been built by fine silver and their construction already was based on the minimal mass principle. The base body of the spade now represents a nearly metal-free construction to become a 100% nextgen connector. You will certainly enjoy a much more detailed and spacious sound performance of your HiFi set!

Fork width: 6mm

Conductor cross section: 10mm2(7AWG)

Connection: Crimping

Identification: Red, white or black

Recommended tool: 

  • Torx T6 wrench WBT-0488 (supplied with each end consumer package)
  • Torque screwdriver WBT-0481 for professional OEM mounting
  • Crimping pliers WBT-0403 also see crimping set WBT-0411