Well Tempered Amadeus 254 GT Turntable

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The Well Tempered Lab Amadeus 254 GT turntable is a William Firebaugh designed turntable, predominately conceived for use with the Well Tempered Lab LTD Tonearm.

The Amadeus 254 range of turntables feature a unique 2 piece plinth construction with squash ball isolation. The Amadeus 254 GT has an aluminium top and bottom layer plinth with multilayer plywood incorporated into the plinth design.

Unmistakably Well Tempered Lab with the emphasis on not only legendary performance but also providing exceptionally good looks.



  • Dual multilayer plywood plinth encapsulated in Aluminium.

  • Squash ball isolation between top and bottom plinth layers.

  • LTD tonearm.

  • CTRL Electronic Speed Control for 33 1/3 to 45 RPM switching.

  • Balanced and Single Ended outputs isolated from plinth and motor.

  • Well Tempered Lab unique bearing and polyester thread belt for vanishingly low wow and flutter.

The Well Tempered Phono stage is designed to accommodate both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) cartridges and has a maximum gain of 68 dB for MC cartridges with the gain switched for MM cartridges. The necessary break points for the RIAA equalisation are distributed throughout the circuit in order to ensure optimum overall time response of the circuit as well as to ensure the necessary frequency response. Since the RIAA recording process requires that the treble frequencies be substantially boosted relative to the bass frequencies, control of the time response is an important requirement.

The MM/MC Phono circuit employs state-of-the-art operational amplifiers. Using these devices ensures a low noise, high gain, stable and predictable design result.

Well Tempered Lab 254 GT turntable


The Amadeua 254 GT comes bundled with the Well Tempered CTRL power unit. The new CTRL has been designed to eliminate several unsightly AC wall adaptors. Not only supplying electronic switching between 33 1/3 and 45 RPM but a 24V DC output for the Well Tempered Lab Phono Stage along with another auxiliary 12V DC output for other manufactured Phono stages.

Well Tempered Ctrl power supply


I would not hesitate to give this turntable, tonearm and combination my strongest BUY recommendation. A job well done, on a grand scale! - parttimeaudiophile.com