Restoration of a classic

Restoration of a classic

A timeless home updated

Seamlessly combining architecture from an existing home with new extensions can be a difficult proposition but it's been done extremely well in this Christchurch property. The old and new blend together effortlessly from both the inside and out, creating a beautiful flow throughout.

This home presented an outstanding opportunity to show the capabilities of a Lutron system with numerous areas requiring lighting control, as well as supporting systems like as security and climate control.

Lutron lighting home automationLighting can be automated to welcome you home or provide security

Lighting control

Lighting requirements for this home were many and varied. From driveway lights welcoming guests into the spacious front entranceway, through to outdoor lighting for lawn and garden areas, as well as pool lighting and a multitude of interior lighting needs. All lighting is able to be controlled through wall mounted keypads, occupant's mobile phones or by automatic scheduling. Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa will also control a Lutron system if required.

All of the usual benefits afforded by a Lutron system are utilised, such as remote operation, holiday mode and scheduling.

Security becomes integrated into the home through both lighting and an alarm system, and even gate opening and closing, making it both safer and more comfortable for the occupants.

Lutron lighting control keypadLutron keypads can be customised to control almost anything in your home


Multiple systems have been combined to provide further convenience and make the home even more enjoyable. A single button press is all that’s required to dim the lights, lower the movie screen into place and set the mood for an evening of entertainment. When the show's over, everything is reversed and the room is restored to brighter lighting quickly and easily. 

Almost any entertainment system can be included as part of a smart home including game consoles, set top boxes such as Apll and more. Please contact us for more information on what's possible.

 Lutron home theatre automationSet your room for movie night with the touch of a button

Audio is built in right through the home and includes traditional stand alone speakers as well as those hidden out of sight within the ceilings and walls. A great way of providing background music subtly paying through one room or many. The music even extents to the garden areas with speakers and subwoofers strategically placed to make the outdoor living more enjoyable, yet not annoy the neighbours.

Much more than lighting

This home demonstrates that a Lutron system can be used for much more than just lighting and blind control. Gates, pool covers, movie screens and wind breaks are just some of the things that have been incorporated. With each device added, the value of the system increases exponentially as new automations become possible. Imagine returning home late at night; your phone tells your Lutron system your location and as you pull into your driveway, the gates are automatically opened for you and the front entranceway lighting comes on. 

Lutron home automation and lighting controlShades, heating, gates and pool covers can all be included in a Lutron automation system.

This home encompasses many lessons we’ve learned over the years to bring to life a system that’s convenient, easy to use and most of all reliable. Like all Lutron systems we design and build, this one will continue to enjoy our full support, as and when required.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of adding a Lutron system to your home, please get in touch with us. We’d be happy to walk you through your options and suggest how we can make your home a more convenient and enjoyable place to be.