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NAKED interconnect

NAKED is an exquisite cable, capable of delivering an equally exquisite performance. Used between a CD player, phono stage or streamer and your amplifier NAKED will help you achieve perfectly balanced sound that is detailed and musical. Naked is equally at home employed for a pre amplifier to power amplifier connection, allowing your music to flow and the performance to shine.

What are NAKED conductors?

Naked conductors are uninsulated 24AWG solid core copper. These copper conductors have been plated with a thick layer of palladium followed by a thick layer of gold to protect against corrosion. The use of palladium as an inter-metallic diffusion barrier opposed to nickel prevents distortions that would be introduced via the magnetic properties of nickel.

Why use NAKED conductors?

The dielectrics or insulators commonly used in interconnect design have a negative impact on the signal transmission. These polymer insulators are normally used to protect the metallic conductor from corrosion and to prevent the conductors from a short circuit condition. Polymer insulations do a remarkable job at these two things at the expense of signal transmission fidelity.

Naked accomplishes the same goals as a traditional insulated conductor.

Inhibition of corrosion: Naked conductors are protected from corrosion through our palladium/gold plating process. 

Short circuit prevention: To prevent the 6 uninsulated (per channel) "Naked" conductors from touching, causing a short circuit, the conductors have been carefully braided with cotton strands. The cotton strands both separate and secure the conductors.

Why cotton?

Cotton possesses excellent dielectric properties in respect to signal fidelity. This parameter is commonly referred to as the dielectric constant. Cotton has a value of 1.3 (1 is the ideal) 2-5 are the common values for most insulating polymers. For example Fluorocarbon has a value of 2.1 and Polyethylene a value of 2.25.

Sonic benefits 

The unique design of NAKED will deliver the most liquid grain-free detailed presentation of any Kimber product to date. Talk to the Soundline team about auditioning a set of Kimber NAKED interconnects and hear the difference for yourself. Read more here.

    Kimber naked interconnect review

    The Naked interconnects represent an impressive leap in cabling technology. This translates into an audio connection that is highly revealing and adds no coloration to the music.

    Kimber Naked Interconnect

    Physically lightweight, Kimber's Naked still packs as much experience and 'technology' into its fragile frame as you'll find in any battleship interconnect. While it's as neutral and equipment-agnostic an interconnect as you'll encounter, an in situ demo remains de rigueur. more...