Monitor Audio Silver 300 7G Dolby Atmos Cinema 7.1.2

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The ultimate cinema set-up

Combining the already impressive Silver 300 7G speakers and Silver AMS 7G with Dolby Atmos®, this could just be the perfect speaker choice for your home cinema or gaming setup. With the ability to project a sound to any point in space, this speaker package creates a truly immersive listening experience. And it’s visually stunning, too. The Silver AMS 7G Dolby Atmos® enabled speakers seamlessly blend in with the speaker design, thanks to their new wraparound grille shape, so they look the part as well sounding it. Add in the raw power of the Silver C250 7G centre channel and Silver W-12 6G subwoofer, not to mention the mesmerising surround sound made possible by two pairs of Silver FX 7G speakers, and every film will feel like it’s been specially remastered just for your living room.

Monitor Audio Silver 7G home theatre and gaming speakers


Silver 300 Floorstanding speakers

The Silver 300 7G features real-wood veneers for a natural look, along with a newly developed Rigid Surface Technology (RST) II driver design for the most natural possible sound. It’s designed to reduce distortion, so when your music’s loud, it remains very, very clear. more...

C250 Center speaker

With the Silver C250 7G as part of your home cinema set-up, your favourite films sound better than ever. It brings the kind of big, cinematic sound you can both hear and feel, making those iconic movie moments unforgettable.  more...

AMS Atmos speakers

The Silver AMS 7G with Dolby Atmos® puts you right inside the film, game or song, creating a 3D soundscape with unprecedented realism. With specially created content, there’s no limit to the detail that’s possible. more...

Silver FX Speakers

Sleek and minimalist, the Silver FX 7G speakers are the perfect supporting act for your home cinema set-up. With updated drivers and crossover design, this latest instalment in the Silver Series is far better than anything that came before. more...

W12 Subwoofer

The Silver W-12 Subwoofer provides the perfect complement to your speaker set-up, making any song seem fuller, deeper and more impressive. And it’s combined with the kind of seismic bass that will make you think the earth just moved. more...

Monitor-Audio-Silver7G-cinema and gaming speakers

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