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Meridian’s Prime Power Supply is a reference-quality, high-current design based on the new linear power supplies developed for Meridian’s 800 Reference Series and specifically built for audio applications.

Meridian Prime Power Supply can be used to power a range of Meridian products, including the Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier or Audio Core 200. The addition of Prime Power Supply to these components provides a significant enhancement in their performance – it’s like supercharging your car’s engine.


AUDIO INPUTS: 1x pair Phono (stereo) (A1). Gain 3dB; 1.4Vrms in for 2Vrms out.  1x 3.5mm analogue stereo (A2). Gain 12dB; 500mVrms in for 2Vrms out. Analogue inputs overload capability >40dB.  1x Asynchronous USB 2.0 interface, 44.1–192kHz ≤24-bit. Jitter <90ps p-p. Apodising filter and upsampling of 44.1/48kHz inputs to 88.2/96kHz; MQA decode and render

AUDIO OUTPUTS: 1x pair phono (stereo) preamp out. Maximum output 3.1Vrms @ 1kHz, THD <0.001% @ 1kHz up to 3V rms. Crosstalk <–70dB @ 1kHz. Output can be disabled via power button 2x 1/4in A-type stereo phone jacks. Maximum output 3Vrms off load, THD <0.002%. Output impedance <100mΩ. Power output 250mW up to 42Ω. Short-circuit protected 1x 3.5mm stereo phone jack. Max output 3Vrms off-load, THD <0.002%. Output impedance 2.2Ω

PERFORMANCE: Output noise (input A1) < –100dBV CCIR or A weighted Frequency response +0/–1dB DC–70kHz, +0/–3dB DC–200kHz

COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for impedances in the range 16–1kΩ or more. Suitable for open, closed, in-, on- or over-ear models. Recommended sensitivity >80dBspl/mW or >96dBspl/V

CONTROLS: Volume with precise tracking, 70dB range Input switch Processing (off/i/ii) Power including rear output mute

DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT: HEIGHT: 50mm [2.0in] WIDTH: 160mm [6.3in] DEPTH: 150mm [5.9in] WEIGHT: 0.9 kg (2.0 lbs)

POWER: 12V DC Consumption <0.5W standby <1W in quiescent